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Senior Software Engineer (PHP)

PHP Developer

Senior Software Engineer (PHP)

  • Պաշտոնը PHP Developer
  • Աշխատավարձը պայմանագրային
  • Գրաֆիկ Ամբողջ դրույք
  • Սեռը Արական,Իգական
  • Տարիքը 20 - 35 տար․
  • Տարածաշրջան Երևան
  • Հրապարակվել է 2 տարի, 6 ամիս առաջ
Աշխատանքի նկարագրություն

DeOut LLC is a software development company, seeking a Senior Software Engineer (PHP) for existing and upcoming projects, who will take a key role on our team. You’ll be working alongside other engineers and developers collaborating on the various layers of the infrastructure for our projects.
We are working with our international clients, and also have our own products. We are a team of innovation driven enthusiasts, who constantly work on improving our skills, while, at the same time, maintaining the joyful spirit in the work environment.

Job Role and Responsibilities:
- Develop web applications and platforms
- Participate in all cycles of software design and development
- Assure full conformance of source codes to the provided coding standards
- Responsible for writing APIs, sociability and maintainability improvements
- Apply design specifications to the functional code
- Deliver robust, scalable quality software products on time.
- Help lead plan and execute projects through all phases of the projects development.
- Plan, process and perform all jobs in an efficient manner.

Required qualifications:
- Minimum of 3+ years experience as a hands-on software engineer/developer
- Knowledge of object-oriented languages
- Knowledge of component writing
- Excellent knowledge of PHP framework (Laravel or Symfony)
- Knowledge of JavaScript framework (Angular or React JS)
- Ability to learn new programming languages quickly
- Ability to multi-task and stay organized in a dynamic work environment
- Ability to work in a team environment with close collaboration with other members
- Manage and realize problem solutions within a specified time range
- Demonstrate creativity and analytical thinking
- Have strong and effective interpersonal and communication skills
- Possess good oral and written skills of the English language

Application Procedure
Apply today by sending your resume and cover letter to [email protected] Please indicate the name of the position in the subject: "Senior Software Engineer (PHP)".