Startup Architect (Yerevan, Sarejevo)


Startup Architect (Yerevan, Sarejevo)

  • Պաշտոնը Ճարտարագետ
  • Աշխատավարձը սկսած 150,000 ֏
  • Աշխատանքային գրաֆիկ Ամբողջ դրույք
  • Սեռը Արական,Իգական
  • Տարիքը 18 - 63 տար․
  • Տարածաշրջան Երևան, Արաբկիր
  • Հրապարակվել է 6 ամիս, 22 օր առաջ
Աշխատանքի նկարագրություն

Disperse is a VC-backed artificial intelligence construction startup focused on improving on-site productivity with the help of computer vision. Our goal is to not just be part of the current wave of construction innovation upstarts, but to ultimately reimagine the way building projects are designed, delivered and operated.

We are currently working on some of the largest projects in London and provide a solution that automates progress review and issue detection to instantly identify any problem on-site. We have ambitions to expand significantly in the coming year to build an engine of growth that scales our solution, and that means we are looking for new passionate and proactive top talent to join the team.

We move at a high speed, and will provide you with immense opportunities for initiative, creation and leadership. Our diverse, international team is based in London, Oxford, Sarajevo and Yerevan, and has wealth of experience from construction management to computer vision and robotics.


We are looking for an Architect to join our team. As part of your role, you will work on construction progress review of high-rise buildings developed by leading construction companies in the UK. Your responsibilities will also include working closely with the wider development team on process improvements and product development.

Strongest creativity benefits of the role include process reinventing, problem solving and familiarizing yourself with computer vision technology.

This is an opportunity to join a highly talented team with proven traction early on in its journey, with competitive salary.

NOTE: This role is available in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and/or in Yerevan (Armenia). Strictly non-remote.

Desired start date as soon as possible.


Project preparation process, including project documentation analysis and project structure setup
Weekly construction progress updating matching 360 scenes from site to original project plans
Update process QA
Finding and addressing performance issues
Participating in discussions on internal process improvements

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Architecture or Construction Management
Proficiency in English
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Good understanding of the construction process
Previous work experience in architectural office
Familiarity with BIM software
Flexibility to work with different design and project management tools (Figma, Confluence)
Interest in computer vision is a plus

Competitive salary
Open and transparent culture
Opportunity to join a talented seed-stage startup with proven traction early in its journey
Completely different and dynamic work approach
Positive working environment