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CMX International call center runs 24/7 365! Our Caring and Professional Team provides inbound and outbound call center services and web developing We have an incessant focus on creating not only high levels of value for our organizations and customers that are focused primarily on one dimension :boost customers’ satisfaction, deliver the service effectively but also our organizations align their resources , strategy and culture to deliver maximum value in 3 main districts: basic efficiency, customer satisfaction and loyalty and the third: strategic contribution to other business units .
CMX international call center guarantees the best results you have ever searched for! Since our professional dispatchers are obsessed with the best communication and computer skills, reasonable judgment, High degree of emotional self-control, and most important very Effective at multi-tasking.


CMX call center is hiring !!! We have 3 shifts OPEN Two night shifts and 1 day shift on Sunday ! We’re looking for dispatchers in taxi and healthcare industry (fluent spoken English is Re...

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