We are a programming training center. We called us IT-Home. Our history starts on May 1, 2017. IT-Home presents its professional training of programming by skilled and acting programmers. Our mission is to train professional JAVA, ANDROID and WEB specialists.
We work, develop and train, proceeding from two principles: Efficiency – do it qualitatively, Pleasure – do it with pleasure! They are enough for us to satisfy our students at every stage and bring them to the end. We wanted to create comfortable conditions already at the first contact with you. We wanted you to have a skill in the chosen direction during the training and do it for your own pleasure. Therefore, we pay so much attention to practice. We would like to see that after the end of the course you not only received the necessary knowledge, but also continued to grow in the chosen direction to a top-level professional, and we would help you in this in every possible way.


IT-Home Programming Training center is looking for a Java, Android Instructor. Required Qualifications - Good knowledge of Java, Android - Work Experience of Teaching - Bachelor's degree in ...

Android Developer պայմանագրային Ազատ գրաֆիկ Արական 22 - 63 տար․